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Quienes Somos AT Chamizal: Transportes Chamizal started its operations on August 10, 1968. It specialized its services on cattle transportation from the state of Chihuahua into the United States. On 1980, Transportes Chamizal turned its load-phase and based its services on chemical products and cement pipes transportation.

Since 1991, Autotransportes Chamizal S.A. de C.V., is specialized on single and doble flatbeds, lowboys; regular and oversized loads.

The company has improved its level in the transportation industry due to its evident strategies to modify its operations and adequate to its customers needs.

The most common material loaded:

Alfalfa Marble
Block Panels
Cardboard Sheet rock
Cement Steel
Chemical mixes Structure
Chilis Tanks
Equipment Transformers
Iron Tubes
Machinery Wood
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